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After Sales Support:

Corrective Maintenance:

Goals of our engineering are not only limited to the provision of services but we do believe on after sales support. For this we have dedicated a separate department which usually do analyze the work being carried out and gets feedback from customer on regular basis. In case a failure or complaint received our team moves with in no time, which in turn reduces the downtime of suffering customer. Corrective maintenance SOW includes:

• Field maintenance
• First Line maintenance
• Fault identifications
• Fault Analyses
• Repair
• Verification
• Documentation
• Specialists remote support/repair
• Acceptance test

Preventive Maintenance:

We normally believe more in preventive maintenance rather than corrective. Because this ensures the rectification of fault before it’s happening. As it is not possible to maintain equipments at all times, so to overcome this limp we prefer preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance SOW includes:

• Programmed maintenance
• Upgrade
• Current services on site
• Acceptance tests
• Inspections
• Site Management
• Maintenance of data registers
• Documentations
• Proactive maintenance
• Testing and repair during visit on site


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