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Our Achievements

Supply, installation and Commissioning of DXX Network in 700 cities all over the Pakistan. Network has 970 nodes operational. The centralized Network Management System also provides North Bound Interface.

Leased Line Data Network Projects

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Leased Line Data (DXX) Network in 700 cities all over the Pakistan.

1272 project nodes             = 82        In 2004
1445 project nodes = 444  In 2006
6-6 project nodes = 323 In 2008
6-4 project nodes = 121 In 2009
Total nodes  = 970  

North Bound Interface Project for DXX Network

PTCL desired to have North Bound Interface for the NMS provided for Leased Line Data Network. This project has also been delivered and Final Acceptance Certificate has also been obtained.

Hosted Unified Communication Platform

Partnering with Microsoft and Broadsoft, USA Symbia lead the project for upgrading the existing platform (delivering only Web Hosting services) to provide Unified Communication in Hosted environment for 10,000 users. The platform can be expanded to cater for 70,000 users in one year.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is one of the few operators internationally to have such a platform delivering integration of voice and data collaboration to its valued customers.

The Final Acceptance of the project is due in Jan 2011.

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