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LOOP TELECOMMUNICATION INTERNATIONAL, INC. is a global-market oriented company dedicated to providing communications access equipment and services that are applicable world-wide to all segments of the IP (Internet provider) market as well as narrow- band and wide-band data/voice markets.
LOOP TELECOMMUNICATION deals in Enterprise IP CPEs, Fiber Optical Mux, Line Extender Converter, Multi Services Cross Connect, Network Management and TDM over Ethernet, SDH/SONET MSP.

Fiber Optical Mux: 

Loop Telecom's Loop-O Fiber Optical Mux product family provides ideal solutions for building fiber-based E1/T1 networks. As one of this family, model Loop-O9300 can multiplex up to 16 E1/T1 signals for transmission over an optical fiber, resulting in longer reach without repeaters and superior performance compared to copper media. The Loop-O9300 also supports an optional 10 /100 BaseT port, an optional Quad RS232 async ports to 64Kbps, Quad V.35, Quad X.21, Quad RS449/V.36, Quad RS232/V.28, Quad EIA530 or EIA530(A), or Quad V.24 with DTE/DCE selection. All services are transported point-to-point in a real static TDM manner (16 E1 + 100 MBPS Ethernet + management channel). The bandwidth is guaranteed for full configuration of the mentioned speeds for each channel / service.

Multi Services Cross Connect: 

The Loop-AM3440-A/B/C being Multi Services Cross Connect boxes, are Access DCS-MUXs that can combine various digital access interfaces into E1 or T1 lines for convenient transport and switching. The Loop-AM3440 Access DCS-MUX provides access for a variety of TDM, IP, and voice interfaces detailed in the brochure. These interfaces are compatible with other Loop products. Using these products, a DTE interface can be extended over copper wire pairs or any E1/T1 transport facility. For each Quad E1/T1 plug-in card, each card can have as many as DS0 124/96 time slots from G.SHDSL, RS232, X.21, V.35, V.36 and EIA530/RS449 interfaces, which can be multiplexed to fill 4 E1/T1 lines. AM3440 also supports fiber optical plug-in card, which can be used to aggregate up to 4 E1 channels onto a single fiber optical interface to connect with other AM3440 or O9310.
Each of the 3 models of AM3440, the A, the B, and the C, has a number of plug in slots in single slot size and mini size as shown in table at left. Card size to slot compatibility detailed on the 2nd page of brochure.
This unit is a full cross-connect and can act as a mini DACS. This means that one or more of the WAN ports can be used as a Drop & Insert function with fractional E1/T1 lines, which can be muxed into a full E1/T1 line.

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