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Planning Services:

Transmission Planning:

A network with well designed and planned backbone is very important with respect to accommodate end users while maintaining good quality and coverage. And for this reason, before moving towards next step which is IMPLEMENTATION, some technical references are required.

  • LOS Surveys:

Line of Site (LOS) surveys are being carried out to check the feasibility of sites with the help to different tools and equipments. Symbia has full range of equipments which can be used to analyze site data and geographical and topographical nature of surrounding environment. We have extensive engineering capabilities equipped with modern tools to carry out tasks with maximum accuracy.

  • Technical Site Surveys:

Along with LOS surveys, technical site surveys (TSS) have their own importance. These are considered to be very important pre requisite for the implementation work. TSS provides detail data; power, cables, space, equipment, conditions, of issues which need to be considered while kicking off for the implementation work.

Radio frequency Planning:

In the field of radio frequency (RF) planning, it’s very essential to have current network information which includes network coverage, handover, call drop ratio, call success rate, etc.

And for this aspect Symbia has good set of skills to examine and evaluate data, which can be gathered through Drive Testing.

  • Drive Testing (GSM):

Drive testing is used to have actually figures related to different network elements. Its main purpose is to assess the facts which end users are facing while using a network. After careful collection of data, it needs to be assessed carefully as well and for both Symbia has costly tools and software’s which are used by our trained professionals under controlled environment to keep the secrecy and quality of assessment.


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