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About Us:

Telecommunication has revolutionized in the past decade from traditional networks to more sophisticated networks where software plays a more important role in setting up networks and services. Engineering and implementing such networks require a skill set of a System Integrator who has in depth knowledge of networking with the added knowledge of traditional telecommunication solutions to resolve interfacing issues of the Next Generation Networks with the legacy networks.

The core team of Symbia has experience of 22-30 years in the field of telecommunication and IT. This team has earned its recognition in the market since 1992 by designing indigenous products, designing and implementing networks and providing after sales support.

Symbia (Private) Limited, a Joint Venture subsidiary of Comcept (Private) Limited, was established in 2002 by a group of professionals who have been associated with the Telecommunication Industry in Pakistan in one form or the other.

The core team of Comcept and Symbia has representation in the IT Manufacturers Association of Pakistan (ITMAP), Pakistan Software Houses’ Association (PASHA), and in the IT Commission, IT Advisory Board and 4 Task Forces of Ministry of IT.


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