Consulting Services

With vast experience in Telecom/ and IT and its management, we provide services like business planning, designing multi services networks for Telecom and IT, writing RFPs, evaluating bids, providing network acceptance testing and auditing services.



Complete Feasibility Study with project budgeting of backbone Microwave 1800km network (70 MW links) along with multiplexer, power solution and PABX voice network



In association with Vectracom provided consultancy to Special Communication Organization Consulting for revamping their 2.5G mobile network in Gilgit/ Baltistan and Azad Kashmir region to 3G/ 4G network. Scope of Work included study of their existing network setup, write RFP based on latest technology, evaluate bids, assist SCO in finalizing contract with successful bidder. Network designed for 3.5m subscribers for voice and broadband internet.

Carrier Market


Symbia has focused on few items which sell in volume e.g.:

  • ADSL/VDSL Modems for Triple Play Services using either MSAN or GPON technologies
  • 3G/4G Router Modems for mobile operators extending connectivity solutions to their corporate clients
  • RFID Markers/ Locators for tracking burried cables (copper cable or optical fiber, etc.)
  • Hosted PABX with Unified Communications
  • Complete solution for C5/C4 soft switches for large/medium size services, terrestrial microwave (4-56 GHZ)
  • Complete solution for Terrestrial Microwave Equipment in licensed band (4-56 GHz) for operators
  • Complete solution for Multi Services Access Network (MSAN) over Copper Cable or Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) over Fiber for broadband voice & data access



Telecom Sector has hit its maturity level! Telecom operators still focus on the large corporate sector while it has started cutting back on their telecom spending by fixing their purchasing power and replacing traditional telecom services with newer products. On the other hand, Small Medium Enterprise market, despite giving 45% of the revenue to the operators in developed economies, has totally been ignored. This trend will change and is likely to touch 70% of revenue in the next 5 years as operators will have no choice but to cover the gap by extending value added services to the SMEs.

It is for this reason, we have developed a portfolio for SME market which is cost effective without compromising on quality.

  • eRaabta (IP-PABX with UC Capability) - Although communication at common man's level has shifted to modern means like WhatsApp, office communication still requires PABX functionalities. It needs to be cost effective but reliable too. Its a software which can run on any computer machine.
  • Synway VoIP Gateways (ATA) - We will need these gateways to communicate to existing traditional telecom network or to connect old analog phones to the IP-PABX. On the trunk side operators have started extending SIP which eliminates the use of gateway on the trunk side but its use as an ATA will still be there as long as the extension side is using analog phones.
  • IP Phones - Different models with common features and different advance features are available in Fanvil phone. Looking at it from SI perspective, we need a partner who can co-develop a solution with us. Fanvil is such a partner.
  • WirelessLAN - This technology comes with and without mobility controller. If used with mobility, users voice and data communication remains connected even if the user is moving in the building. Cambium Networks controls mobility through software licensing making future expansion easy to implement.
  • HikVision Security & Surveillance - Based on ONVIF Industry Standard their CCTV Camera and NVR can talk to any name/ brand of camera/ NVR. They also provide Video Walls for office application based on LCD technology.
  • ITC - Professional Sound System, Public Address System, Conference System, LED based Video Walls for Public displays. etc
  • Our focus will be on promoting software based solutions for use by local industry, SMEs, Software Developers , etc by setting up Cloud infrastructure for them.

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IP Phones

Wireless LAN

CCTV Survillance

PA System/Video Wall/Language Translation

C4/C5 Software Switches

Cloud UC, PABX Platform for.....

MSAN/GPON Networks

TDM Multiplexers, NG-SDH, CWDM/DWDM Solutions